Top Tips for the perfect BBQ

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Here at British Event Catering we have a lot of experience when it comes to a BBQ, so here are our top tips to have the perfect BBQ! There are so many
mistakes that are made when doing a BBQ, and people often burn their food due to simple factors, such as not waiting long enough for the coals to settle

Tip 1 – Marinade your food!

It is extremely important to marinade your meat before cooking it on the BBQ. This will not only flavour the meat, but will add moisture, trap the smoke
flavour and slowly start to caramelise it as it cooks. Also, if you plan your marinade and do it the night before it will make the meat much more tender
and will save you time when it comes to the BBQ as its already marinated.

Tip 2 – Brush of the debris.

Many people don’t realise this, but when the grill is hot it is much easier to remove any debris. All you need to do is wait for the grill to heat up,
and then use a wire brush over the grill to get any debris off from previous meals you have had. After you have finished cooking use the same technique
so that it is easier to clean when you next use your BBQ. Another way to clean your grill is to cut an onion in half and rub it across, this will give
the same effect as a wire brush!

Tip 3 – Fuel

Make sure you plan in advance the fuel that you wish to use, this means that you can start up the BBQ whenever you feel like it. There are many options
that you can use to fuel your BBQ, the main ones being coal and gas. However, there are many other options such as wood, that will add a delicious
smokey flavour to your food.

Tip 4 – Oil the grill before cooking.

Before you add any food to the BBQ make sure you oil it so that nothing sticks. To oil your grill, we recommend soaking a paper towel in oil and use tongs
to rub it across. Some oils that work well include garlic and chilli oil as they will add extra flavour to your meat.

Tip 5 – Always keep close to your BBQ whilst the food is cooking.

It is good to stay near your BBQ whilst you are cooking your meat to ensure that it doesn’t burn. You have to keep a close eye on your BBQ when you are
cooking, because if you take your eye off of it for a few minutes, it can easily turn bad quickly!

Tip 6 – Check the meat is cooked.

For this tip, all you need to do is grab yourself a small sharp knife, and cut through the meat to check if the centre is cooked and the juices are running
clear. You must always check that your meat is properly cooked, especially if it is chicken or pork, as these can be dangerous to eat if not cooked
properly. If you are cooking fish, all you need to do is to use a fork to check that the flakes come apart, which shows that it is ready.

Tip 7 – Let the meat rest.

After you have cooked your meat, leave it to rest for around ten minutes on a dish covered with foil. This will ensure that the juices have distributed
evenly and your meat tastes better than ever!

If you would like BBQ catering at your event without the hassle, contact us today and see what we can do for you! Here at British Event Catering we have
a range of catering services to choose from, and can tailor our menu to your specifications.

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