Catering Concessions



As catering concessionaires, British Event Catering are able to provide catering for both small and large scale events. In-house, we can provide catering concessions services for up to 50,000 people from our own fleet of outlets, and supply your event with a wide variety of foods to suit your attendance and site staff.

Suited to horse shows, equestrian, country fairs, carnivals, fates, festivals, air shows, car/auto shows, etc.


The food courts we supply will give a relaxed feel to your event providing the consumer with a great atmosphere to take the wait off and enjoy great food, our food courts consist of tables and chairs to accommodate from 50-400 guests at any one time, all of our tables have gingham tablecloths, this gives our food courts an authentic picnic atmosphere, our food courts have their own attendants keeping the area clean, tidy and free of litter. We place trellis fence panels between each outlet to deny public access to the serving areas, not only does this give our food courts a professional finish it also prevents health & safety risks to the general public. Flowers, plant pots and chain link fencing around the food court really sets the scene. We take great care and attention to detail in presenting our food courts, no extra charge or obligation. Food courts are better suited to agricultural, horticultural, horse shows, equestrian events and car shows, where a more relaxed atmosphere is appreciated. ??We can also supply individual outlets or small blocks of outlets without seating, which is better suited to festivals, concerts or air shows where food on the move is the requirement of the day.


At all the events, we attend and hold full concessions for our clients know that we take full control of all catering responsibilities. Along with the two site managers, we have a team of 6 uniformed site staff who take charge in the siting of all units from arriving on site to placing them on there allocated pitch’s, our team are onsite to take the strain from you leaving you and your team to take the lead in executing the event at ease knowing the catering is being taken care of.

  • Pre Event Management, ensuring all aspects have been covered before Event day
  • Health & safety, EHO management
  • Debrief post event any improvements that could be met will be taken on board and executed in the future event
  • Wastes management, BioPack, recycling methods etc
  • Site management, stock delivery, vehicle moment, hazards, etc


At large scale events such as country fairs, festivals, carnivals, town shows, sports events etc, we are able to provide 16 catering outlets from our own fleet, if your requirement exceeds our reach we sub contract outside concessions, such as authentic Thai, Indian, Italian, Caribbean or Chinese food, as we feel they can provide your event with that finishing touch.

We only use caterers that we have had a first hand experience with, company’s that understand all aspects of the industry and always supply a superior service.

All documentation for catering outlet is obtained and processed by a team of dedicated B.E.C staff, we make sure that any sub-contracted caterer holds all relevant documentation and comply with all health and safety regulations prior to any event we are involved in, Any enquiries we receive from outside caterers is researched thoroughly so we can be sure that the presentation of all catering units comply with our high standards.


From small acorns, great oak trees grow. British Event Catering also attend the smaller event, we take just as much care to detail at all events we allocate every event is equally important to us, It is often the case that we start with one catering outlet, and after carefully looking at our menus, pricing and positioning, we are able to increase the food consumed onsite by the attending public, as your event becomes stronger the amount of units and fees increase.

We understand that balancing our menus and prices makes the difference to your event. We tailor the food type and the number of outlets, thus providing your event with exactly the same attention to detail as the larger ones we cover.

As concessionaires’ we do make the difference, with a completely fresh approach and imaginative ideas that we have for different style events.

The mobile catering that we supply is always the highest quality. We cater with a passion to make our food courts stand out from the rest, giving your event our undivided attention.  We ensure that the concessions have been placed in a way that does not impede with neighbouring businesses and also pay attention to fire and emergency access as this can prove critical in an emergency situation.

We work together with you as part of your team and not just as a freelance concessionaire, so hopefully after reading our concessions page we have inspired you to make that difference. To find out more about how we operate or to receive our brochure, please feel free to contact us – advice is free its making mistakes that cost!