Pre Event Catering

Feeding the workforce that keep the uk’s largest events operational

Here at British Event Catering we will be able to supply you with pre event catering for the days leading toward your event. Most large events such as festivals and concerts are based in rural areas, therefore minimal access to food for workers. With our pre event catering here we will be able to can supply whatever you may require. Whether it be a buffet or a food van for burgers etc. we have a wide range of food o choose from at affordable prices. require. We provide affordable good food that will keep your team moving and in turn, keeping your event on time.

Pre Event Catering

Our temporary cafes and mobile catering services are the perfect way to keep your workers happy with delicious food that is easily accessible and affordable. We will be able to supply food to meet all your needs and requirements for your pre event catering. Our pre event catering can be customised to ensure all your needs and desires are met, with food that keeps your workers going throughout the day.

pre event catering

Here at British Event Catering we have worked with some of the UK’s largest events to feed their workforce fed with our large variety of pre event catering to choose from. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and everyone at the event is fed delicious food.