At British Event Catering we pride ourselves on the quality of food that we serve. We are regularly sourcing new suppliers to ensure that we are
always serving food that meets our high standards. Below our some of the different ranges that we use on a regular basis.

Popular Demand

At most events the most popular catering outlets that are required are General Purpose, Fish & Chips, Roast Carvery, Fresh
Donuts & Coffee and Jacket Potatoes & Fresh Filled Baguettes. These catering units make up most of our food court week after week. For most of the
products we serve from these units we obtain from a local supplier

GO! Gourmet Range

When we first launched our GO! Gourmet Range we spent week after week meeting with suppliers and visiting there work premises to see how there
product was being made, eventually we found the perfect company that provided us with exactly what we were looking for which is the 100% Organic British
Beef 6oz Burgers we sell today, we witnessed first hand how each single burger they produce is handmade and once the perfect blend of seasoning was
added we knew we had found our burger. Once placed in our Gourmet style roll and topped off with fresh salad which we purchase from a local supplier it really cannot be beaten! Included in the GO! Gourmet range we sourced what
we believe to be the finest pork sausages around which are made only using free range livestock from a local farm. Also on the menu is our thick cut skins
on Gourmet chips.

Backing Britian

We choose to use predominantly BRITISH PRODUCE – although our climate does not yet allow for year round availability of some things, we use British whenever possible. Many of our farmers in the UK are the ultimate small businesses and it is impossible to imagine the country without them. However they need our support. Now!We are very proud of the items we sell and the ingredients we use. They may cost us a lot more than other alternatives but they are in our opinion the best! Other caterers choose alternative ingredients often based on economy.