Mobile Food Units

A Wide Range of Units/ Vans For Your Event or Occasion

At British Event Catering, we provide a wide range of units and mouth watering food to choose from to make your event truly unforgettable. We also provide a range of Hawker and Event Bars. We will be able to provide catering units to make your event that extra bit special and unique. Using only fresh ingredients we offer gourmet style food at affordable prices. With over 40 years in the catering industry, British Event Catering forms a professional team of qualified caterers for catering at your event.

Street Food Units

The Chinese Shack

Serves Vegetable noodle with fresh cooked chicken or vegetables, our noodles are not just the run of the mill we cook them in six different herbs and spices, all guests have the choice of curry noodles plain or sweet chilli. guest may choose from our hot sauces black bean, sweet & sour or curry. (this is also a great option for vegetarians)

The Pork Shack

Our Pork Roast Shack serves traditional roast pork joints freshly carved and served with Apple and real ale chutney and sage and onion stuffing, served in stone baked ciabatta rolls.

The Chicken Shack

Fresh free range chicken breast strips breaded in our own secret recipe, served with our own seasoned cajun spiced potato fries and topped with chillies or sour cream this dish is simply perfect.

The BBQ Shack

Our Gourmet BBQ serves the best of British Farmed 100% 6oz beef burgers plus our veggie option spicy bean burger both served in our glazed sourdough bap or choose our 1/4 pound British butchers sausage served in a mini french baguette, all topped off with a wide range of popular and quality condiments plus skins on fries.

The Fish & Chip Shack

Our Fish & Chip shack provides fresh battered Cod goujons served with thick cut chips topped off with a pinch of parsley and fresh lemon slice presented in a traditional fish and chip tray lined with food safety approved greaseproof newspaper style sheet. also available mushy peas and all condiments.

The Dessert Shack

This will offer a range of cakes and pastries i.e. carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, cheese cake, danish pastries, strawberries and fruit skewers all served with or without ice cream and fresh single cream, all attendees may help them selves to which ever sweet treat they would like.

The Mexican Shack

Our Mexican Shack serves two of the finest Mexican classics, fresh hot tortilla wrap served with beef chilli or Mexican stye chicken with a range of toppings such as, jalapeños, salsa, hot cheese sauce, guacamole, grated cheddar, garlic mayo and mint sauce, this shack also offers a veggie option, fresh cooked Mexican style bell peppers and onion served with the same great fillings.

The German Sausage Shack

Our German Sausage Shack serves the best that Germany has to offer, we import our sausages directly from Germany. On the menu we have the traditional Bratwurst, the cheese filled Krakauer and the chilli infused Krakauer, all served in a mini baguette with the choice of sauerkraut, German ketchup, German mustard or curry ketchup.

Ice Drinks Bath

We will provide a 2m drinks trough that works with our theme filled with an assortment of cold cans covered in ice i.e. Coke, D.coke, tango, 7up, bottled water.

Salad Cart

We supply a full self-serve salad cart as standard, Items available: Potato salad coleslaw, cherry tomatoes sliced, red onion, sliced peppers, sliced cucumber, iceberg lettuce, Caesar dressing, thousand island dressing, honey mustard dressing, croutons. Guests may also make up a pasta pot tomato basil or chicken & sweetcorn.

The Burger Shack

Our Burger Shack serves the best of British Farmed 100% 6oz beef burgers served with Monterey Jack Cheese, British Bacon and fried onions all topped of with a wide range of popular and quality condiments.

The Salt Beef Bagel Shack

Our salt beef is sauced from the same supplier as London’s famous bagel shop at Brick Lane which is simply the very best product in the UK, served in a fresh baked bagel or on rye bread topped with mustard and sliced gherkin to accompany it.

Mobile Catering Units

Go Gourmet

Our  Go Gourmet outlet offer your attendance the very best butcher pressed 6 oz British burger served with a full salad bar in a glazed bun. Choose from 3 great choices: The classic, The high and mighty, The spicy, you can find a full menu via our menu page for more details.

Noodle Bar

The Noodle Bar is great for any food court, Offering the public a good hearty meal and a great set of veggie options. Your attendance can choose from veggie or chicken noodles a selection of three hot sauces and to top it off crispy spring rolls. We also add beef or chicken curry with rice for special occasions.

Fresh Donuts & Coffee Bar

It goes without saying every good food court wouldn’t be complete without a good fresh cooked donut and a great tasting coffee. This option works for all events large or small, is perfect for parties, employees treats or school fates. Hot Fresh & Fluffy!

Fresh Filled Baguettes

This outlet is the perfect solution for the healthy eating attendees that don’t want fried food while at an event. We offer a wide range of great fresh filled baguettes to suit all tastes. This option is only offered as part of the full concession, we do not offer this outlet as a single unit only as part of the B.E.C. food court,

Fish & Chips

This option is great for weddings, private parties, and all events Uk wide. we offer our fish & chips outlet for any event this option always works no matter where it goes. we offer a full chip shop menu. we only served freshly battered fish NOT THE PRE COOKED RUBBISH so your attendees will be impressed first time every time!

British Grill House

Our general purpose outlet is the first on the list for any event. This outlet offers a wide range of food including veggie – beef – pork – chicken foods. Foods served from this outlet are at the highest standards and this outlet is always the busiest outlet in the food court, it goes without saying if you are organising an event this is the first outlet offered.

Famous Frankie’s Sausages

Our world sausage outlet offers the very best sausages from around the world, British American & German Sausages. Your Attendees are sure to find something they like. We are very proud of our products imported or British reared they are the best sausages around!

Roast Pork Carvery

It goes without saying no event is complete without a tender fresh cooked pork roll, covered in apply sauce and topped with that all important cackling and salad to finish your attendees will be impressed with our red tractor pork and stone baked ciabatta rolls every time!

Mobile Event Bars

Beer & Wine Bar

This bar is what we offer for all event pre-paid or cash over the counter. We are able to offer three types of bar setup corporate, rustic themed or marquee. All serve their purpose for the type of event you’re organising. Our bar staff are happy, efficient and fast serving to make your event run smoothly.  We also make sure the safety of the attendee is taken care of we do not serve drunks.

Cocktail Bar

We offer this service for pre paid or special events only. Our rustic themed setup or inside tiki bar setup bars really set the seen at weddings and corporate events offering a selection of five great cocktails alcoholic or none alcoholic this option is great for that all important event you are organising.

Champagne Bar

Champagne bars are suited to a special event such as weddings, private parties, corporate get together If you want to impress your guests book our champagne bar and you are sure to get the credit you deserve. We offer 3 packages for this option bronze, silver and gold depending on the champagne you would like served. Get in touch for a detailed quote and pick your package.

Pimms Bar

At all great event, you will find a dedicated pimms bar, this is where you will find groups of people sitting and enjoying jugs of Pimms and chatting about the day so far before heading off to enjoy the rest of there day. this option works well at large scale events along side our beer and wine bars, our Pimms bar really compliments any event.

Hawker Service

Chips & Dips

If you are looking for festival themed hawkers, it goes without saying you have to have chips & dips. This Hawker works well with our slider burger and/or slider dogs. Let your guests help themselves to perfect skins on seasoned chips.

Slider Burgers

Our slider is freshly cooked moments before served, so are hot served by our hawker serving team, the burgers are 100% British reared beef with cheddar cheese & gherkin in a mini seeded bun. Perfect for any occasionn!

Slider Dogs

Perfect for all occasions and the festival theme our hot dogs really do slide down well with the guests/clients. Our mini frankfurters served in a fresh baked mini French served with dried onions this works well for that all important party!

Sweet Treats

The perfect finish to the hawkers experience why not book our sweet treats to really impress your guests, we are able to cover lots of sweet options for this hawker such as candy floss, pop corn, cakes, fruit bowls, eaten mass, strawberries, and ice-cream and many more or maybe you have a creative idea I’m sure we can help!

Please Note

If you have any special requirements or do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will make sure we can cater to your needs and requirements.

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