Mobile Event Bars


Here at British Event Catering we offer mobile event bars for a range of events and private parties. We understand that every event is unique, so we work alongside our clients to ensure that our mobile event bars meet all their needs and specifications.

Our team are extremely professional, and with wealth in experience, we will be able to ensure our clients that their event will run smoothly. Our mobile event bars are extremely versatile, allowing us to virtually pop up anywhere your event may be.

We provide a large range of different beverages to choose from, and will be able to provide any specific drinks you may want at your events. We have the ability to tailor the drinks you would like us to serve in your mobile event bars, and will be able to plan the event with our clients so that we can provide every drink you would like. We provide mobile event bars for shows and events, whether it is for a village fete, a high capacity concert, or just to have a party – you can bank on us to get it right first time every time.

We offer a large range of drinks in our mobile event bars, beer tents and champagne bars to cater to all your needs. For any event, formal or casual, we will be able to provide our mobile event bars with a highly professional service.

All you need to do is contact us so that we can discuss your requirements, pitch fees, profit share etc. Once everything is agreed in writing, a license can be applied for.



This bar is what we offer for all event pre-paid or cash over the counter. We are able to offer three types of bar setup corporate, rustic themed or marquee. All serve their purpose for the type of event you're organising. Our bar staff are happy, efficient and fast serving to make your event run smoothly.  We also make sure the safety of the attendee is taken care of we do not serve drunks.


We offer this service for pre paid or special events only. Our rustic themed setup or inside tiki bar setup bars really set the seen at weddings and corporate events offering a selection of five great cocktails alcoholic or none alcoholic this option is great for that all important event you are organising.


Champagne bars are suited to a special event such as weddings, private parties, corporate get together If you want to impress your guests book our champagne bar and you are sure to get the credit you deserve. We offer 3 packages for this option bronze, silver and gold depending on the champagne you would like served. Get in touch for a detailed quote and pick your package.


At all great event, you will find a dedicated Pimms bar, this is where you will find groups of people sitting and enjoying jugs of Pimms and chatting about the day so far before heading off to enjoy the rest of there day. this option works well at large scale events along side our beer and wine bars, our Pimms bar really compliments any event.

Please Note

We only use biopac products behind the mobile bar, never glass. This prevents many safety hazards due to smashed glass.