Mobile Event Catering in Surrey

Mobile Crew Catering for festivals & events all over UK.

Here at British Event Catering we supply a large range of mobile event catering in Surrey, and aim to provide food of the highest quality. Whatever food you may be looking for your event; we will do everything we can to provide the food you desire. No matter the size of your event, we will be able to supply our food and equipment whether it be a small party or a large festival. We have a large supply of equipment for our mobile event catering in Surrey including trellis fencing, seating, signage, dustbins and more.

We have a wealth of experience within the industry and ensure that our services will exceed all expectations, and will put in all the hard work needed. We also supply a wide range of desert catering vans including Donuts, candy floss, cakes, slush puppies and much more! If you don’t see the food you desire on our menu, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to try and supply the food you would like.

Our mobile event catering in Surrey will supply you with delicious affordable food, that will leave the guests at your event wanting more, and with great food comes great sales at your event.

If you require mobile event catering in Surrey then look no further, our modern food outlets alongside excellent service and reliability will set your event apart from the rest. Contact us today on 01708 855998 or email us at for more information.